Style and grammar in media discourse

The Language and Literature Section of the Institute of Valencian Studies publishes the work of its member Antoni Fontelles Fontestad. This work, with the title of Style and grammar in the discourse of the media, is a complete monographic treatise on the use of the Valencian language in the media. In this work, Fontelles has poured all his long professional experience in this field, to which he combines all the linguistic knowledge that he amasses as an intellectual dedicated for decades to the study of the Valencian language.

You can download the complete work at this link (only version in Valencian language): Estil i gramatica en el discurs dels mijos de comunicacio.

Antoni Fontelles Fontestad is a writer, professor and journalist and member of the Institute of Valencian Studies; He specializes in linguistics and among his publications are the Grammar of the Valencian Language, Verbal Flexion in the Valencian language, Abbreviations and shortening of words, Abbreviations, The use of upper and lower case in the Valencian language and Society, Science and Valencian language. In addition, he is co-author of the Valencian Language Norms and the Valencian-Spanish Dictionary. Among others, he was the winner of the Excellency of the Valencia City Council for the Floral Games of Lo Rat Penat in 1995 for his work Valencian Society, Science and Language and director of the Language and Culture Courses of the same institution. We would also like to highlight your participation in the 1st Congress of the Valencian Language and in the V International Congress of Occitan Studies.


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