Conquista i repartiment del Regne de Valencia

Albert Cuadrado de la Flor
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(Conquest and distribution of the Kingdom of Valencia)

In this new contribution, we are presented with a synthesis of the history of the Conquest and Repartition of the Kingdom of Valencia.

This work is fundamental for all those who want to connect with detail the deed of James I, exposes the different theories that have tried to explain the conquest of James I. Although the author defends and recognizes himself as a participant in one of the aforementioned theories, his intellectual honesty allows him to present without distortions or prejudices all the theories elaborated throughout this fascinating historiographical debate, which has occupied a large part of the past century and which continues in force, nowadays.

It also has the virtue of recovering again for the public the work and research of already mythical figures among valencians such as Antonio Ubieto, Ambrosio Huici and Amparo Cabanes, who have tried to silence in some areas and that it is necessary to claim for its importance in the set of studies of the history of Valencia.

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