The Institute nowadays

At present the Institute of Valencian Studies consists of four sections:

  • History and Ethnography.
  • Language and literature.
  • Environment, sustainable Development and Health.
  • Communication and New technologies.


Also, the Institute is made up of 25 permanent members, of collaborator members who sit up to different sections and of corresponding members in whichever populations it is considered opportune. On the other hand, it is to emphasize that the institution, according to its idiosyncrasy, tries to be able to give answer to the new exigencies of modern society, being a dynamic organism in constant evolution.

Within the activities to realise by the Institute of Valencian Studies, the following have high-priority interest: Culture of the valencian Language through its study, work sessions, trips with the aim of knowing the characteristics geographic, the customs and all class of artistic and folkloric manifestations, seminaries and courses of spreading, conferences, projections, contests and acts of analogous character, publications, etc.

The activities that emanate from the Institute are destined to all the valencian society and, although they concentrate in the city of Valencia, they also try to focus in other points within the scope of the Valencian Community. These activities emphasize the conferences about life and work of illustrate personas or relevant facts about the history of the Kingdom of Valencia or about the valencian patrimony. Also important works are those that deal with the aspects of ecological scope, the sector in which the Valencian must unroll itself as a modern language, giving solutions to the expression needs in this field.

Finally, we must comment that at present, the Institute is making an effort to motivate and to invigorate the presence of the valencian language in the new technologies in general, centring its efforts, mainly, on the Internet through Websites and personal pages. It must serve as a meeting point that favours the communication between the different people and groups who work in this field, creating reflection scopes and future strategies. It will take care of understanding the needs, to foresee strengths, weaknesses and problems that may arise when the valencian language is applied to new technologies.

Therefore, it will deal with providing solutions to solve these problems.