George Bernard Shaw said that "There is no better kept secret than the one everyone knows." I remember at a conference on environmental issues, one of the speakers, an American scientist, who was very impressed by the city of Valencia, lamented that we had the “best kept secret in Europe”. All Valencians know that the Holy Chalice is in our city. That the first novel in the world was written here and in Valencian. That the first expedition of Colon was financed by a Valencian. That we have natural spaces with a variety of fauna and flora unique on the planet.


European Day of Languages Institute of Valencian Studies

One more year, on the occasion of the European Day of Languages, the Institute of Valencian Studies and the Aragonese Center of Valencia organize a cultural meeting where poems and folk tales will be read; among others, the Aragonese, Provencal, Valencian and Neapolitan languages will be represented.

Claim for the reopening of the Canfranc-Oloron line

This Sunday, July 14, the protest actions of the reopening of the Canfranc-Oloron railway line are celebrated. From the Institute of Valencian Studies we support this claim because the Valencians would give us a quick connection with Europe. We join the denunciation for the disinterest that every government of the Central State Administration has had in this infrastructure and its lack of investment.

"El tercerviisme en la Valencia contemporanea" per Sandra Ombuena

El proxim dijous 20 de juny tindra lloc l'ultima acitivitat del Curs de Cultura Valenciana 2018-2019, en esta ocasio l'historiadora Sandra Ombuena abordarà el tema "El tercerviisme en la Valencia contemporanea".  Esta tematica ha segut poc tractada per el valencianisme, es necessari fer una reflexio sobre este fenomen. ¿Per que surgix? ¿En quins objectius? ¿La seua aparicio es casual?

Com sempre la cita sera a les 18:30 en la seu del GAV en el carrer Julià Penya nº 3 de Valencia.