The second issue of the Capdetania magazine is presented in Capdet

The Friends of Caudetana History Cultural Association has presented the second issue of the Capdetania magazine. Land of borders. This magazine, dedicated to studies on the history of Caudete, is published annually and is a project that is moving towards its consolidation with the appearance of this second volume.

The event took place in the church of Carmen del Convento de San José de los Padres Carmelitas and was attended by Antonio Conejero Rodríguez, president of the association, Natalia Cuenca Conejero, director of the magazine, Francisco Gaspar Marco Sastre, vice president and member of the team editorial and Alvaro Ponce Conejero, author of one of the articles published in this issue.

The magazine has, among others, an article that addresses a topic that unfortunately is very topical due to the current health crisis, Caudete in the 1918 pandemic and his exaggerated bad reputation, authored by Miguel Requena Marco. The sculptural image of the "Sweet Name of Jesus of Caudete" by Luis Guillermo García-Saúco Beléndez also stands out. This volume closes with a study of the characteristic Caudetan lexicon authored by Miguel Requena Marco, Some Caudetan Words.

From here we want to congratulate the Friends of Caudetana History Cultural Association for this new success in its commendable work spreading the history of Caudete, a town that for centuries was part of the Kingdom of Valencia and that, as is well known, sent a representative to the Corts Valencianes , as a royal villa that it was.

Data de l'acontenyiment: 
Saturday, January 15, 2022 - 11:30